Funding through Support4Sport has changed my life as a coach. With this new funding, we'll be able to bring more medals home and have better-prepared athletes from international and national events.

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Shawn Woodworth

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Shawn Woodworth
Community Program

If Shawn Woodworth believed it was one, two, three strikes you’re out, he wouldn’t be spending seven days a week on the baseball field coaching, playing, evaluating, mentoring and as the President of the Bridgewater Minor Baseball Association. 
His love for the game started 35 years ago when he first stepped onto the diamond as a player. To this day, he still gets the same rush and excitement he did stepping out onto the field for the first time. He now plays in a league and coaches rookie teams of boys and girls ages five to nine. He also instructs, mentors and evaluates players who wish to achieve their coaching levels.
Shawn is a strong believer in the concept of giving back because he has received so much as a baseball player. Because of this, he is a huge fan of Baseball Nova Scotia’s Girls Day In and the Rally Cap programs that are designed to get girls and boys of different ages excited about baseball. 
The Girls Day In program is a celebration of the number of girls playing baseball in Nova Scotia. It’s designed to improve their game, while keeping fun the number one priority. It also aims to grow the number of girls playing in Nova Scotia, which is already the highest in the country. This past summer marked the third year of the event and it has doubled in size since the inauguration of the program.
The Rally Cap program encourages kids to step up to the plate and improve their skills. The program is similar to the badge system used in swimming. Participants in the Rally Cap graduate to the next “cap colour” once they show the instructors that they have what it takes to get their cap. There’s even a report card for each skill set.
But these amazing programs that promote an active lifestyle, sportsmanship, determination and much more wouldn’t be possible without funding.
“Funding is everything to us. Without funding, we would have to cut back on paid instructors that provide quality coaching and rely more on volunteers who may not have the level of training that our paid instructors do,” says Shawn.
Support4Sport responds to this need, providing assistance to Nova Scotian baseball associations for programs, equipment, travel funds and whatever else kids need to be the best players they can be. 
“There are also six travelling teams within the province that rely on part of the funding for travel expenses. Without the help, the teams would struggle to compete or wouldn’t be able to at all, “ he says.
Shawn’s dedication to his sport is relentless. He does everything he can to make sure that others are enjoying their time on the field and that there’s opportunities for kids and people of all ages to get out and try the sport.
“So many people think that baseball is boring, but you don’t know until you try. Everybody can do it. It’s just a matter of trying it. The same goes for all sports.”
His passion is shared with his two children, who also love to get out and have some fun on the diamond. Shawn loves sharing those moments with his kids and other kids too. He is happy that he can help kids and cheer them on, just like Shawn’s parents did for him. 
“Seeing a kid’s eyes light up when they achieve a goal is amazing – it’s a success. To me, that’s thanks enough.”
Shawn’s passion for the game is inspiring to many, but Shawn’s own inspiration comes from his kids, other kids, and his parents. He loves to give back and that’s why three strikes will never put him out of the game altogether.


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