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Daniel Worthington, Coach
Soccer Nova Scotia

Ryan MacDonald

Pedaling his way around the globe

Ryan’s passion for cycling didn’t start on the open road; it started in a woodshop at his school in Greenhill, Nova Scotia. Ryan’s woodshop teacher started a cycling team many years before Ryan started high school, and the team has continued strong since then. Ryan now cycles competitively outside of his high school team.
The funding that Ryan has received from Support4Sport has allowed him to travel the globe for competitions and training. Just this past season, Ryan had the amazing opportunity to travel to eight countries and participated in the inaugural Youth Olympics in Singapore, where he was the only Nova Scotian to compete.
“Thanks to my funding, I’ve gained lots of experiences. It helps us (athletes) compete to win,” he says.
This past summer, Ryan lived in Quebec City where he had the opportunity to train. He also lived with a fellow cyclist and his family.
Before funding, Ryan had to pick and choose which competitions he would attend and he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to live and train in Quebec. Ryan has been able to take his skills to a whole new level thanks to his funding.
With extra funding, brings more opportunities for intense training, which requires great discipline, focus and hard work. This young athlete has a very unique and effective way to keep his motivation and spirits high. He picks a goal, whether it’s a time or a rank he wants to achieve, and he writes it on paper and sticks the message up around his house. Seeing his goal right in front of him keeps him pumped up and motivated to get out of bed and onto the bike.
“When you have a goal you have to stick to it and do everything you can do achieve it,” Ryan says.
For Ryan, it’s not all about achieving his own goals, but also helping others to achieve theirs. Every athlete has an inspiring story to tell and Ryan’s story is one of sportsmanship. Ryan and several other cyclists were chosen to represent Canada in an international competition. During the race, Ryan was towards the back of the pack when he saw a fellow Canadian, who was closer to the front, fall and destroy his bike. Ryan didn’t hesitate for a second – he jumped off his bike and gave it to his fellow Canadian, so he could have a chance of finishing and winning the race. 
Ryan’s commitment to his sport and his unrelenting determination is inspiring. But it’s his sportsman-like approach and commitment to reaching his own goals, as well as helping others reach theirs, that makes Ryan such a remarkable athlete.


Greenhill, NS
45° 33' 51.912" N, 62° 48' 10.1916" W


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