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Justine Colley

Shooting hoops close to home
justine Colley

Justine Colley has been playing basketball ever since she can remember. Her love of the game truly came to life when she was on her first basketball team in grade three. From that point on, Justine has lived and breathed the sport.

“I love it,” says Justine. “It makes me happy and I love the social aspect of being on a team.”

The lessons learned on the court serve her well in the classroom as a third-year business student at Saint Mary’s University (SMU) where she plays on the basketball team as a point guard. She was in high demand from schools in the United States and across Canada, but she chose to stay closer to home. This proved to be the right choice. In March of 2011, she was awarded Female Athlete of the Year at Saint Mary’s University and M.V.P. for the women's basketball team.

But Justine’s road to success hasn’t always been easy. Equipment, gym time, transportation to and from East Preston (her hometown) and travelling funds were coming out of pocket. In order to up her game, she applied for Support4Sport funding and was happy to hear that they were big fans of basketball too.

“Funding has been a huge help for me. I’ve been able to travel, which is something I wouldn’t have been able to do as much of before receiving the funding,” she says.

In order to be the best player she can be, Justine shoots hoops and practices daily. When she’s not on the court, you can find her in the gym or speaking to junior high students about the importance of doing well in school and following their dreams.

She looks forward to practice and loves the feeling of having the team’s support. She also has huge support from her family, who can be found cheering her on at her home games.

“I always know that I have the support of my team and my parents are a huge inspiration, that’s what gets me out of bed in the morning and why I keep doing what I do,” says Justine.

The sky is the limit for this athlete as she continues to lend her superstar skills to the Saint Mary’s Huskies. With her passion and dedication, she will continue to succeed both on and off the court.


East Preston, NS
44° 43' 3.9288" N, 63° 23' 20.5908" W


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