Support4Sport funding really is the gateway to allow me to become an Olympian.

Geoff Harris, Track Athlete

Jaime Thompson

When everything comes together in sync
Community Program

It all began with an idea, a dedicated team of sports enthusiasts from Sport Nova Scotia, many hours of hard work, a group of volunteer swimming devotees, a facility, a sound system and big dreams. Add to this the critical item of funding, thanks to Support4Sport funding, and this powerful combination came together to create the much-anticipated Bridgewater Synchronized Swimming Club. 
But despite all they did have, the synchro club was still missing two key ingredients: coaches and swimmers. Enter Jaime Thompson. Being the resourceful and well-organized person that Jaime is – skills, which she learned in her synchro days – she hopped in her car and took to the streets of Nova Scotia in search of these two ingredients, both necessary for a successful synchronized swimming club.
She found both at outdoor pools across the province. But her coaches, while plenty comfortable in a pool, weren’t exactly synchronized swimming coaches. All of them swimming instructors and lifeguards, Jaime had a very short period of time to make synchro extraordinaires out of synchro rookies, but with plenty of dedication and passion, Jaime taught these instructors and lifeguards how to have more moves in the pool than just the front crawl.
Jaime’s own road to coaching was somewhat of a fluke. She had already conquered her Red Cross training, so she was faced with the question of what to do next? She didn’t have to think or search too hard. She went back to her roots and decided to do what she knew best – synchronized swimming.
Since the age of six Jaime has spent hours upon hours of her life in the pool and she wouldn’t have it any other way.
“I’ve gained a lot as an athlete. Looking back it has been all worth it. When I was younger I thought it was the end of the world if I missed a birthday party or a school dance because I had to go to practice. Now, I am so thankful that I went to those practices because I learned so much and apply those skills to my adult life now. I am well-organized, a good time manager, dedicated and focused – synchro taught me all those things and more. It has really made me a better person,” she says.
Not only has being an athlete created positive opportunities and memories for Jaime, but coaching has also given her some amazing and funny memories. 
“Every kid touches you in some way. I really enjoy working with children and it’s rewarding to see them improve and to see how proud they are of their improvements. They’re all young girls and they’re really hilarious and we have some great laughs together too.” 
All in all the whole experience of helping to create the Bridgewater synchronized swimming club has been extremely rewarding for Jaime and a challenge she’ll never forget.


Bridgewater, NS
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