The funding means sport in Nova Scotia will be more inclusive, more competitive and more successful. It will also allow more of our athletes and coaches to stay and train in Nova Scotia, and in the end, give back to their own communities.

Jamie Ferguson, CEO
Sport Nova Scotia

Heidi Feit

Fighting her way around the world

It started out as a monkey see, monkey do adventure for Heidi Feit. She wanted to be like her big cousin, who was on a quest for a black belt – in Judo that is. Fortunately for Heidi, she fell in love with the sport at the young age of six, and for the past decade she’s been kicking her way all over the world.
The Japanese word “Judo” translates to “gentle way”. Judo is both a sport and an art. It incorporates timing, strategy and tactics, as well as many throwing and grappling techniques. It is both a fun and high-energy activity, as well as a relaxing and calming exercise. 
This young and decorated athlete has hundreds of medals under her proverbial belt. Thanks to funding through the Support4Sport program, Heidi has had the opportunity to compete and train in Germany, as well as across Canada. She even got to train with one of her idols who is a Nova Scotia Olympian.
When Heidi isn’t trotting the globe she’s commuting between her hometown of New Glasgow and Halifax for training and competitions. She trains two days a week in New Glasgow and once a week in Halifax for the provincial club. She dedicates hours of her week to honing her craft.
“You have to be dedicated and focused because the more training you do, the better you get. Judo is all about being disciplined, balanced and respectful, so we always have to keep that in mind when training and competing.”
Heidi has a few tricks up her sleeve that help her be the best she can be. She sets herself aside from her teammates and competitors for a minute and takes ten really deep breaths. Then she thinks about her goal and what she came here to do – to give it her all and win.
“I train really hard and push myself because I like that my sport always challenges me. There are so many great things about my sport. I like that I get to meet new people from all over the world and learn new things from them.”


New Glasgow, NS
45° 35' 41.3592" N, 62° 40' 7.5432" W


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