I believe that if you can dream it, you can achieve it. And Support4Sport helped to make my Olympic dreams come true.

Adrienne Power, 200m Sprinter

Chelsea Whalen

Make room on the podium because the Nova Scotians are here to play

Chelsea Whalen grew up watching Nova Scotia’s finest athletes compete on the world stage. She knew from a young age that sport would have an impact on her life, but it wasn’t until recent years that she realized just how far it would take her. 
“I got involved with track in grade seven as a social thing with my friends. I didn't start getting serious until about three years ago,” says Whalen.
Whalen, along with the rest of the world, followed the blossoming athletic career of Nova Scotian native, Adrienne Power. For years Whalen watched the now world-renowned runner compete at meets provincially, nationally and eventually at a world level.
“Adrienne Power is also from Nova Scotia and trains no more than two hours from my house when she is home,” says Whalen. “I always loved watching her career build and when she made it to the Olympics it made me realize that people from our province really can make it.”
Whalen was inspired by Power’s success. As she committed more and more to her own athletic journey, Whalen’s peers recognized her newfound dedication. In no time Whalen was dominating the local track and field meets both in javelin and shot put.
Her parents were proud of her success and wanted to be supportive of their daughter’s athletic goals, so despite the high cost, they hired a professional coach to help take her to the next level. With encouragement from her trainer and an increased dedication to the sport, it wasn’t long before Whalen’s name began rising within the world of athletics.
In the years to come, Whalen would be consistently victorious. But like many, Whalen’s successes were accompanied by traveling costs and hotel stays; being at the top of her game was expensive. The cost was becoming more than her family could afford, so She once again looked to Adrienne Power’s career for guidance.
Whalen learned that Adrienne Power had received assistance from the Support4Sport program and that the funding allowed Power to focus on her training and improve her time to make the Olympic Team.
“Just learning and watching Adrienne has given me even more drive and determination to one day be on Team Canada,” says Whalen.
Whalen followed Power’s lead and also applied for Support4Sport funding. Her application was accepted and the funding came through at the perfect time.
“Without the funding from Support4Sport, I would not have been able to travel to World Youth Championships last year,” she explains.
Whalen believes that traveling to Italy to compete was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
“Sport can have so many affects on people,” she says. “Since being able to represent my country on the world stage, I have met people from across the world that I still keep in contact with today. I now have friends in Germany, Austrailia, Brazil along with people across Canada. To me, sport has changed my life.”
Whalen is determined to continue pushing herself, and now that she worries less about money she can focus her attention on training.
“For me, just knowing what I'm working towards gets me out of bed. Whether it's a school meet, a national meet or a world championship, I know I have work to do and I can't wait to get started. I continue to train and compete because I love everything about this sport. It may be classified as an individual sport but it's far from that. I couldn't be where I am today without the support of my parents, my coaches, my friends and Support4Sport.”
Now that she has been on the world stage as both a youth and a junior, she’s committed to continue training even harder. With such drive and determination, surely in no time Chelsea Whalen will achieve her next goal and join fellow Nova Scotian Adrienne Power in the international ranks.


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